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Glimminge hus and Gladsax

Yesterday me and my class wento Glimminge hus and gladsax whitch is a town. At Glimminge hus we where almost all over the house and i bought a braclet/necklace i love it and i bought a pin for the rest of my family then we went to Gladsax where there was writing in a big stone it was really cool me, Andreas and Viktor lookt after weird thing exept for almost everything was weird but really cool and nice.

Green belt

I have green belt in karate now. But im not gonna be in karate class for almost a whole year because my trainer dose not tell uss thing we nead to know and so i took the soccer way instead.
(And I'm sorry for not posting in a so not long time)


I have started playing soccer now and we have just started the series, we have not won a single match exept for harlösa they have won one (we are with harlösa). On sunday I'm gonna play against those that lead the series right now and its gonna be hard. I cant remember what they are called but they are hard. I'm playing defense i play middle defense or right defense.


Yay i'm soon going skiing!

I'm going to Hundfjället in sälen its going to be really fun, and our friends Mats,Viktor and Mikael.
Where we are going is very near to where we where last year in Tandådalen,you kan go on a lift to go to it.

Obamas president now!!!

Yay! Obama is finally president i'm so HAPPY!!!!!

He is gonna be a really good president
Because i have heard him speak many times i'm so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

My Christmas


I want show you wat i got for Christmas here are some pictures from my Christmas!

barking dog purse

karate necklace

opening playstation


First is my Dog purse that i got from mommy.
Second my KARATE necklace
Third me and Martin opening our Play station
And fourth opening our HEELIES!!!!!!!!!!
There was a earthquake in skåne this morning, me and daddy jumped
out of are beds it was really scary!
Then me and daddy went to the playroom it was like 3 seconds of earthquake in there.
On the richter scale it was a 4,7!
That´s pretty big to be in skåne.


I have written a letter to Barack Obama. Mommy is mailing it tomorrow! Here it is :P

letter to obama
(click for large version)

And here is the picture I drew on the back:
picture for obama
(click for large version)

I´m third grade!!!

I have started third grade. It is very fun cause we get to be more out side.Today i ra very much cause we were playing somethig(FUN);D